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Due to some circumstances, Ink the incubus gets trapped in the body of an unsuspecting male exchange student.
The only food source available seems to be the Bitch next door - will your Host be able to tame her?
This is a trainer Visual Novel. Or maybe not?
Expect an interactive VN with fine-tuned gameplay and story.

Languages: English, French

Current tags: spoilerB/G, possession, corruption, mythical creature, blasphemy
Planned tags: spoilermaledom, [REDACTED]

Game engine: Ren'Py

Episode 1 is released! Play time: ~1h.
Episode 2 is in progress (more news on patreon page).

Play online

bozr.love (here) – Newgrounds  

Download (desktop/mobile)

PC 33MB Mac 16MB Android 34MB

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